Conventional 3-axis, 4-axis and full 5-axis capabilities

Max. Size - 600 mm x 600 mm

Matchmaker Fadal, Victor and Brother machining centres, give ACSL a wide capacity range. Size 'x'=762, 'y'=406, 'z'=720 and up to 21 tools. High speed milling, drilling and tapping, 4 axis twin pallets 400 x 200 - Max drilling 25mm.

ACSL is capable of working directly from Engineering drawings, but can also process directly from many common 3D CAD file formats. This is often common at the prototype and quotation stage.

High Volume milling, drilling and tapping lend themselves to our extensive production facilities, particularly in casting, valves and communications equipment etc. Don't forget that we have a 3 shift working programme and can provide an easy solution to your component requirements.

An assorted sample of milled parts produced by ACSL